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Una casa di lusso sostenibile ed eco-compatibile

Questa casa da sogno in Santa Lucia Montagne del Carmelo, in California, è stato progettato dallo studio Feldman Architecture. E’ stata costruita nel 2004 e nel 2007 e ha ricevuto il premio per “Energy and Sustainability” dalla American Institute of Architect.

Parola agli architetti:

“Located on a nature preserve in the beautiful Santa Lucia Mountains, this home’s stunning site consists of oak forests and steep meadows, which strongly constrained and inspired our unconventional design. In order to reduce the impact of our buildings, we sank them into the ground and planted the overhanging roofs with tall native grasses. We also divided the spaces into a series of “pavilions” to break up the house’s overall mass. After passing through an entry grove, visitors can see distant views in-between and over the various building elements. As they are drawn into the widening view, they are led down from the tree-lined ridge to a large terrace that serves as an outdoor living room for the house.”

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