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Lampade eleganti Mantis di Böttcher e Henssler

I designer tedeschi Moritz Böttcher e Sören Henssler hanno creato questa elegante e originale lampada di nome Mantis che si può usare come lampada da terra o da tavolo.

Questa è la descrizione dei designer del loro prodotto:

MANTIS are reduced to the main functions of floor and desk lamps with a emotional nature of an object. A 300mm long energy-saving power LED Strip is integrated in the wood profile and provides a neutral white light. An aluminium tube is inserted through the wooden construction so the lights can rotate continuously and adjust in height. The result is a delicate balance of lightness, purist design and playful emotion. The MANTIS lights are designed in two versions: black stained ash and maple white pigmented. Each with lacquered pipe and textile cords.